BKW Group history

2006 year

The сompany Bizon-Tech 2006 PE was founded by Vitaliy Bogovin in Zaporizhzhia region;

2007 year

The company distributed seeds, crop protection products and fertilizers, opened 2 representative offices and began cooperation with Ukrainian banks;

2008 year

Vadym Kovernyk became co-owner of the company Bizon-Tech 2006 PE. The Company’s Head office was opened in Zaporizhzhia;

2009 year

The first agricultural company NVP Agrofirma SolodkovodneLLC with land bank amounted to 2.9 thousand hectares was acquired. LANDFORT was actually established. The company Bizon-Tech 2006 PE had 5 representative offices;

2010 year

Revenue of  Bizon-Tech 2006 PE exceeded 25 million US dollars; 11 representative officeswere opened;

2011 year

The company Bizon-Tech 2006 PE had more than 14 representative offices;

2012 year

Trading company Ambar Export LLC was founded;

2013 year

LANDFORT increased the land bank up to 8.7 thousand hectares; Revenue of Bizon-Tech 2006 PE exceeded 100 million US dollars;

2014 year

Ocean Invest LLC was created for the purpose of manufacturing of crop protection products under its own brand-name;

2015 year

BKW Group was founded for the purpose of consolidation of all businesses;

2016 year

Bizon-Tech 2006 PE had 21 representative offices; land bank of LANDFORT was more than 25 thousand hectares; grain export volume of Ambar Export BKW was more than 230 thousand tons; revenue from sale of crop protection products under own brand-name Ocean Invest LLC exceeded more than 10 million US dollars;

2017 year

Bizon-Tech 2006 PE was among TOP-3 distributors of seeds and crop protection products; land bank of LANDFORT exceeded 36 thousand hectares (the TOP - 100 landlords of Ukraine); crop protection products manufactured under the brand-name of Ocean Invest LLC were in TOP-10 per sales volume on the generic market in Ukraine.